Some tips for the perfect steak, as according to Heston Blumenthal:steak

  1. Take the steak out of the packet, place on a cake rack – and leave it in the fridge for 2 days. (This allows the steak to dry out a little, concentrating the flavours)
  2. Allow the steak to return to room temperature before cooking it (about 2hrs).
  3. Only season the steak with salt before cooking – and pepper after. (Other wise the pepper will burn when it fries.)
  4. Heat up sunflower oil until it starts to smoke.
  5. Add the steak (laying away from you so you don’t get splashed by hot oil!) and then cook for 2-3 minutes turning every 15 seconds. (This allows for the highest amount of Milliard reaction without burning!)
  6. Use a thermometer to check the temperature: rare 45C (116F) / medium 55C (131F) / well done 65C (149F).
  7. Let the steak rest! (This is so important!)

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