A tasty treat. Just try to cook them more quickly than you can eat them!

I hesitate to use ‘English’, but as far as I know Welsh and Scottish are more akin to American pancakes. These are more like French crêpes.pcake

These are really simple – equal parts milk to flour. I normally just use a glass or cup that I have to hand rather than literally measuring them out. If its a larger glass, 3 eggs, normal 2!

Equally, I like a simple dressing: dusted in sugar and a squeeze of lemon. To anyone who isn’t English, this seems madness – but I’d urge you to try it!

To get them lump free, with minimal washing up, its easiest to use hand blender. Otherwise, whisk by hand.


  • 250ml / ½ pint milk
  • 250ml / ½ pint plain flour
  • 2-3 eggs (depending on size)
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp. pinch of sugar
  • Teaspoon of oil


  1. Thoroughly combine, until free of lumps, all the ingredients.
  2. Either, use a ladle to transfer 1 portion of batter at a time to the pan – or use a jug to pour in a little at a time.
  3. Fry in a lightly oiled pan on a med-high heat, turning once halfway though. (I prefer to use a high heat, but cook for a very short time – but just use the heat at which you feel comfortable cooking at!)

There is a bit of a knack to pouring in the batter – while pouring tilt the pan in every direction so that the batter spreads out into a disk.

Oh, and an easy way to keep them warm is by stacking them as cooked on pre-warmed plate while covered by saucepan lid.