Vanilla ice cream is basically frozen custard.


This recipe is far simpler if you have an ice-cream machine. But, if not it’s still very doable! The ice cream just needs to be taken out the freezer for a good mix up while it’s are freezing…


  • 1 x 75g packet of Bird’s instant custard.
    • Or, Bird’s Original
  • 150ml (1 small carton) of single cream


  1. Mix according to instructions, using 150ml less of boiling water (only ½ pint instead of ¾ of a pint). You may find it works best to mix a small amount of the boiling water to make a smooth paste first, and then add the rest of the water.
  2. Next add the single cream and transfer to a container suitable for freezing. Allow to cool.
  3. Every 20 or so minutes, take the out of the freezer and stir it thoroughly. The more often you do this the better – especially towards the end, the better – as it breaks up the ice, and will create a smoother softer ice cream.
  4. After a couple of hours or so it should be ready!