Here is a guide to temperatures required for various meats.

The digital thermometer I have is by far and away my favourite, and useful, kitchen gadget! You can get one from as cheap as £1.39 on amazon (the linked to is in the top 10 thermometers, at least at the time), well worth it for cooking meats, being certain about food from the bbq, or cooking temperature sensitive foods (like sauces you don’t want to boil, toffees, or fudge).


Required Internal Temperature (°C)
Beef Lamb Pork Poultry: breast Poultry: thigh
Blue / Very rare 46–52
Rare 52–55
Medium Rare 55–60
Medium 60–65 70
Medium well 65–71  72.5
Well done ≥71 ≥75 ≥70 75 80