So it was Valentine’s Day, and that’s as good a reason as any to get into the kitchen…

(As she said, I know you are only half cooking for me – and half to blog. I wish I could say she was wrong.)

This was the menu I aimed for – although I couldn’t get oysters here, at such short notice, and we skipped some dishes, as it is quite a lot to get through at once! (Fancy names in Spanish rather than French, which is sometimes the case in the UK, in honour of that being where we are living at the moment).

I’ll post the full recipes over the next few days (well, perhaps not for pate and toast  – I figure that one’s pretty straightforward!)

Sopa del Día


Soup of the day: oven roasted garlic and tomato, with a basking prawn


Paté de Hígado de Pato

Duck liver pate, with crispy toast


4 Maneras de Ravioli con Salsa de Mantequilla


Truffle & mushroom; duck liver parfait; pumpkin & spinach; spinach & cream cheese;  with a garlic and sage beurre noisette


Soufflé de Queso y Trufa


Cheese and truffle infused soufflé


Abrazo de Jamon


Jamon-hugged cream-cheese-infused vegetable medley (you wouldn’t know looking at it – but inside is a Trojan horse of veggies!)


Mar y Tierra


Slow Roast Ribs, Battered Prawns and Langoustine.


‘Ménage à trois’ de Los Postres


A trio of desserts: banoffee pie banana fritters; crème brulee; chocolate mousse; served with vanilla ice cream