Recently I have been doing the 5:2 diet. I guess it’s not too surprising given majority of recipes I have posted. I tend to like things that are fried. Preferably in a crispy coating.

So I thought I would try something that would give me the freedom to eat what I want, some days, and the ability to loose – if not maintain my weight – on others.

That’s not to say that I am a big fan of dieting. Indeed if I was being preachy, I would have more likely advised a balanced diet, plenty of fruit and veg, reduced red meat, and cut back on sugary foods. But frankly, easier said than done. For me at least! So, I am giving it a try – and so far have found it’s working for me. While I wouldn’t want to advise someone else to try it – what works for anyone could well be widely different for anyone else – I must say this has been working well. So far I have lost a noticeable amount of weight over 3-4 weeks, nothing dramatic: but then that’s kinda the idea.

Perhaps in the future I will stick to alternate 5:2 / 6:1 weeks? I do like the upside of eating what I like on the days off. And, I do think people should eat well – in terms of eating enough fruit and veg, indeed cutting back on red meat, or in fact all meat to some degree; it’s just that I like desserts, things that are crispy and so on – so the calories pile on. Irrespective of whether I have included the type of things I should be eating. One upside has also been that I do more carefully think about what I am eating everyday.

Seeing as I know a few people doing it, I thought I would post as many of the recipes that have worked for me as possible. Mostly they are designed to be as low calorie density as possible – I want to feel full, satiated, and indeed enjoy flavourful food 3 times a day.

For that reason I haven’t really posted much recently – partly as I want to post with rough calorie guides, and it takes that much longer to prep a post. And partly, as I eat anything before I even photo it!

But coming soon: