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About Me

389914_10151228528036635_528533038_nHi. I’m Charlie, and I wanted to post a few of my favourite recipes.

I grew up around food, and learnt to cook in my parents’ restaurant in West Sussex in the UK.

Many years ago, I compiled a list of recipes that started from the most rudimentary, but progressed to more challenging dishes, for a group of adults in sheltered accommodation.

Now, I am an English teacher living in Figueres, and previously in China. While I was there, if I (or my colleagues) wanted food that was familiar – the only way to get it was to cook it. That was another incentive to pass on the recipes that I knew to others I was working with.

Mostly, this is a completion of dishes that I either grew up with (which is the case with cheesy potatoes or banoffee pie) or dishes that I have discovered and come to love (such as potatoes dauphinoise).

All the dishes are designed to be relatively straight forward, in that they required no great dexterity or great skill even where the dish requires more ingredients, steps or processes to complete.

They have been divided into 4 categories:

  • Simple: very few ingredients, very few steps, and require only basic cooking skills.
  • Fairly simple: involves only basic cooking skills, but may require more ingredients or steps to complete the dish.
  • More complex: still only requires fairly basic cooking skills, but there are a number of steps or ingredients required to complete the dish.
  • Adventurous: May require a number of ingredients, more steps and techniques to complete the dish, and more attention when cooking.

I believe practically anyone should be able to complete all the recipes, just with a little more care when it comes to the Adventurous dishes.

For the most part no extraordinary utensils or equipment is required, and if the unusual ingredients have been listed alternatives have been suggested.

Equally, this’ll be a place for me to add the dishes and recipes I come across and want to share!

(Lastly, this is work in progress! Not only in that I will be adding more dishes as and when I can, but I will also be tinkering with the site as I figure out how to get them laid out/categorised in the best way: so please bear with me!)


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